Tree Of The Year 2018: Support Wales’ entry situated right here in Carmarthenshire!


The #BBC‘s The One Show is promoting The Woodland Trust‘s #TreeOfTheYear competition and we have one of the finalists RIGHT HERE – literally at the bottom of the garden! This colossal, hollow oak in #Rhandirmwyn stands on land belonging to locals Chris and Nerys Olchawski and is a mighty 8.2metres in circumference – that’s over 26 feet – and is big enough for musicians to perform inside it and is said to have once been the hiding place of a king.

It’s stood untrimmed and unaltered for at least 600 years old and the fact that it stands in quite a solitary spot is probably the reason that this ancient specimen hasn’t been felled for its wood at some point. Had it grown in a more heavily-populated area, it might have become furniture centuries ago but, luckily, it’s been left to grow and form itself as nature intended, offering shelter to both people and animals along the way. It’s believed that many years ago it was a meeting place for local lovers whilst the nearby farm used it as the shelter for the pig and now the ducks from the current owner roost and hatch in the branches.

Add to that it’s incredible and unique beauty and it results in #Carmarthenshire having a truly unique and historic specimen to offer up to the public vote: we certainly feel that it’s deserving of a quick, #free, easy click of a button to send it through to the next round.

How to vote? Easy – this link will take you to the website and then you just need to choose your fave and give it a click before Wednesday 24th October 2018.  If it receives the most votes, it receives £1000 of Tree Care and will go forward to the #European stage of the competition so come on: every vote counts – great oaks from little acorns grow, and all that 

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