See Around Britain – Can You Help?


Canllaw teithio ffotograffig helaeth y DU ac Ewrop

We want to create the ‘Doomsday Accessibility Survey’ of venues in Wales by volunteers using their smartphones!

See Around Britain is a disabled-run charity based near Carmarthen. Its website and App at provide a groundbreaking and innovative multilingual photo gazetteer using GPS, and is an essential information bank for both residents, tourists and travellers. It offers comprehensive venue information for users that includes detailed information and photos to show the accessibility of the venues for disabled visitors.

There are well over 500,000 photos taken by its Founder Trustee, Marg McNiel, who was born with a mobility impairment and since 1992 has had without remission the physically debilitating disability M.E. He has spent a lifetime in community and heritage education. An Irish citizen, (his unusual first male name is Norse), he has travelled extensively in Europe over many years.

The 21st-Century Doomsday Survey is involving volunteers of all ages and interests to visit every kind of venue in their local village, to add to our website.

See Around Britain has created its interactive website and free app download, which aims to assist everybody, including disabled people, decide if a venue is suitable for them to visit by extensive use of its survey photos.

See Around Britain is keen to raise the profile of the charity’s website and to urgently expand its small team of volunteers to tackle the large backlog of survey photos waiting to have their venue descriptions written and then uploaded to the website.  We are looking to increase our presence on social media too and have volunteering opportunities for social media work.

Our Online volunteering opportunities:

Social Media

writing venue descriptions

Photographic and video Surveys for the Doomsday Survey

Admin and editorial Support

Volunteering with See Around Britain is easy – almost anyone can do it and volunteering is a great way to learn more about yourself and gain valuable experience and life skills!

For more information, please see our website and the 2-minute film that ITV Wales delivered showcasing our ambitions and launch.  The BBC also covered us in detail which describes what See Around Britain is aiming to achieve.

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