In Business? Don’t Risk Missing This Half-Day, Fact-Filled GDPR Masterclass courtesy of Cloud Genius

GDPR: Heard of it? If you haven’t already, you certainly soon will.

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in the UK in May 2018 and all businesses of any shape or size will have to comply or face fines of up to £17m (or 4% of the businesses global annual turnover, whichever is greater).

ALL businesses accumulate client data; some is stored on computers, some on scraps of paper. How you manage this information is about to become more carefully scrutinised and no piece of computer software can take care of it for you: you need to understand how daily practices may have to be altered in order to assure compliance. This could be anything from how long you hold client data after they are no longer a client to readily collating every bit of data you hold on any particular client – because the client is entirely entitled to know this.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that leaving the EU will mean it won’t apply to the UK (because it won’t!) and that you have to ‘own’ the data in order to be responsible for it: you don’t. Data processors are also liable.

There may also be effects on your ability to engage in direct marketing with your clients so regardless of your kind of trade, be assured that this change in legislation WILL affect you. Join us at our GDPR Masterclass at the Beacon in Llanelli on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 and spend four hours ensuring you understand the changes, your responsibilities and how to be sure that you’ll retain legal compliance and the trust of your clients whilst avoiding any breaches or penalties.

Whether you’re a hairdresser, cafe-owner, plumber, shopkeeper or dog-walker, you will be affected.

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Did you know that Thursday 30th November 2017 is Computer Security Day?

Local experts Telemat are combining this IT awareness-raiser with the Season of Goodwill and want to offer ALL businesses a free, no-obligation security check.

This will include

  • a full review of your current network security
  • a report highlighting any security gaps that are uncovered
  • free recommendations on how to secure your system.

Why not take them up on this #freebie chance to avoid security breaches? It can help protect against the loss of customer information, the financial cost of repairing any damage – and your reputation.

Give them a call on 01239 712 345 to find out how they can give your organisation a useful, free boost so you can enjoy the coming festivities with peace of mind.


Telemat’s FREE COMPUTER SECURITY CHECK offer runs until UNTIL NOVEMBER 30th 2017

No obligation – just  peace of mind.

Halloween falls on October 31st

Halloween has its origins in the early church being All Hallows Evening and the night before All Saints Day, on Nov 1st, when the souls of the departed were and still are remembered in the church communities. Halloween takes its name from ‘Hallowe- En’. All Souls Day follows on the 2nd of November.

Modern Day Halloween is a less religious occasion that has travelled to America and back during which it has become a fun time for children and adults to have a party. Dressing up and wearing face paint making the wearer look spooky is all part of the fun, children especially love to be turned into scary monsters and Halloween offers the perfect opportunity.

Trick or treating is a practice that is popular with children, knocking on someone’s door and expecting payment in kind, an apple, sweets, or a cake following which they will go to the next house and do the same, great fun for the children and for the people they visit. However, a word of caution to parents, please go with them and make sure that the treats and the people whose doors they knock on are safe.

Trick or treating hails from the practice during medieval times when children would knock in the hope of a treat being given and if none was forthcoming they would play a trick on the ‘victim’. The practice is said to have come from souling, when people would offer prayers for their benefactors in return for a treat of something pleasant to eat, for people in those times almost anything tasty would come as a blessed gift.

So, why do people carve Pumpkins at Halloween?

In the days of souling, children would carve out a turnip lantern which they carried from door to door asking for soul cakes in commemoration of the departed.

In the United States, pumpkins replaced turnips because they are more common, larger and easier to carve out, which is why we now have pumpkin lanterns. By the way, the pumpkin scrapings do make excellent soup which one may need on a cold and spooky Halloween night.

Halloween is an opportunity for some light-hearted fun best enjoyed with family and friends, as the clocks will have gone back on October 29th darkness will fall early in the evening allowing the whole family to have some innocent fun with scary faced youngsters prodding people with plastic tridents and wearing witches’ costumes. Have fun.

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The Clocks Go Back on October 29th 2017

Autumn is here and if we needed confirmation the clocks will be put back on October 29th.


At the present, we are one hour behind Greenwich Mean Time, when the clock falls back on the 29th we will again be using GMT.


GMT was originally established to give navigators at sea a fixed reference upon which to make their calculations. GMT allowed ocean travellers and all those who travelled around the world to move accurately knowing their position rather than guessing as had been the case prior to the 15th Century.

Daylight Saving Time or British Summer Time was set up during the First World War to allow farmers more daylight, especially those in the far North and the Northern Isles, in which to work at feeding the Country. We have continued with Daylight Saving Time sometimes controversially up to the present day.


People get confused by what happens and when. Do the clocks go back or forward? It may help to use the phrase: the clocks fall back (in Autumn or Fall as our American Cousins call it) and ‘spring’ forward in Springtime.


The good news is that on Sunday 29th October we get an extra hours sleep!


At what time will the clocks change?

At 02:00 am the clocks will be turned back to 01:00 am. Don’t forget when you get up on Sunday morning that you will need to alter your domestic clocks, especially alarm clocks, otherwise, you will turn up for work an hour late on Monday!

  1. NB. Most electronic and computer operated devices will automatically change to GMT.

NB, again, some in-car clocks will not change and will have to be altered manually.


It is time to check car lights, as the evenings will get dark sooner efficient car lights are a must, and the Police will doubtless be on the lookout for defective car lights, quite rightly.


However, there are important questions that come up at this time of year. Hourly paid workers, especially night workers may lose an hours pay, true they will gain an hour in Spring, but for hourly paid workers close to the National Minimum Wage every penny counts.




It will be 57 Days to Christmas, time to go shopping!



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